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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Boom Modeling by Virtual Prototyping Technology. The established 3D model of a truck mounted concrete pump boom is shown in Figure 3. The system is built up by 4 booms, several links, hydraulic actuators, joints, and other components. Boom system CAD model.

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As a boom or luffing cylinder for concrete pumps or mobile cranes, this type of hoist cylinder handles the movement of the boom or crane arm. Boom and luffing cylinder The swing axle cylinder from Liebherr with one-sided action is used to fix the drive axle on wheeled excavators, for example.

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We carry wear-parts, electronics, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, pistons, belts, bearings and more. Fast Turnaround on Concrete Pump Parts With more than 30 years of industry experience, we understand you need seamless access to repair parts to keep your operation moving in the right direction.

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The hydraulic system model of pump truck boom is mainly composed of flow source, relief valve, multi-channel valve and hydraulic cylinder. The flow source of boom hydraulic system provides the required hydraulic oil for the system, which can provide the corresponding hydraulic …

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Nov 20, 2019 · The hydraulic cylinder is the most important part of the hydraulic system of the concrete pump including the boom unfolding, the outrigger extension, the pumping system, and the swing of the S tube, all of which are inseparable from the driving of the hydraulic cylinder. There are many types of hydraulic cylinders.

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Sep 28, 2014 · has certain structural stiffness and damping. The boom system of a concrete pump truck is driven and con-trolled by hydraulic cylinder. In this article, we viewed the hydraulic cylinder as the model with certain stiff-ness and damping. Figure 2 is the equivalent model of hydraulic cylinder. r ri ui i Y' X' Z' 0 Si Si X Y Z Figure 1. Flexible

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Boom System Quote Request. Home / System / Parts / Hydraulic Cylinder 2100mm x 140/80. Hydraulic Cylinder 2100mm x 140/80. $ 4,961.13. Hydraulic Cylinder 2100mm x 140/80 quantity. Add to cart. Add to Favorites Already In Favorites. Add to Favorites. SKU / Reorder#: 262824008 Categories: Parts, System Tags: Hydraulic Cylinder, Putzmeister.

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Cylinder(sicoma)D50 Sany-46M Rear leg cylinder(130/100) Sany-4 axle Main cylinder(160/90) Sany-46M Outrigger horizontal cylinder Sany-5Arm cylinder Sany-small plunger cylinder Sany-6Arm cylinder Sany-Truck Mounted Pumps Rear leg cylinder(10070) SY -large plunger cylinder XG-4 axle Main cylinder 160/100 SY-46M 4 axle Main cylinder(180110) ZL-4 Arm Main cylinder SY

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Concrete pump placing booms do not comply with ASME B30.22 (the standard for articulated boom cranes). The manuals do not document the maximum lift, where to attach rigging, how far you can extend booms carrying loads, etc. because it was never considered in the machine design.

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Climbing-type concrete placing boom is used for concrete construction in high-rise buildings. Distributing machine, equipped with automatic climbing mechanism, is fixed within the elevator shaft; it climbs automatically through hydraulic cylinder jacking and elevates with the increasing of storey, increasing the efficiency by saving both time and effort.

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The DirectDrive developed by SCHWING engineers is a completely new drive concept for the boom elements of a truck-mounted concrete pump. Instead of a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic rotary actuator is installed in the joint, allowing for boom movements that were unthinkable until now. This grants the third boom element a remarkable opening

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A basic concrete pump was initially developed as a two-cylinder hydraulic pump. This works by the principle of one piston drawing the concrete from the hopper (concrete source) and the other piston pushing it into the discharge outlet pipe. Boom Concrete Pumps Components, Transport, and Storage. 16 Types of Heavy Equipment Used in

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Spare Parts. Distribute spare parts, steel pipe and rubber pipe to deliver concrete, hydraulic cylinder, rubber pipeline, plastering pump, rotor stator, electrical equipment, air compressor, water pump, tips, plastering gun, paint sprayer, spare parts and high quality construction machinery for concrete pump truck, plastering and paint sprayer.


All hydraulic applications are based on flow and pressure requirements. Flow, expressed in gallons per minute (GPM), determines the speed at which a hydraulic cylinder extends or a hydraulic motor turns. Flow is produced by the pump. Pressure, expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI), determines the amount of force exerted.

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For Boom Pumps .12L and .14H . Hidden label . Hydraulic Cylinder 2100-140/80

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CONCRETE PUMP SPARE PARTS –CONCRETE MIXER SPARE PARTS - CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT SPARE PARTS. Putzmeister Spare Parts, Schwing Spare Parts, Cifa Spare Parts, Sermac Spare Parts, Transmixer Spare Parts, Batching Plants Spare Parts, Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps. Delivery Pipe, End Hose, Clamp Coupling, Elbow, Pumping Cylinder etc.

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Hydraulic cylinder for S-valve shifting SCL SERMAC. Catalogue number: 3012014. Applied in the boom concrete pumps produced by SERMAC. Type 5Z33, 5Z35, 5Z36, 5Z37, 5Z41, 5Z42, 5RZ50 and others… Equipped with pumping units type SCL 120, SCL 130A, SCL 150AHP.

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Concrete Pump Spare Parts; Used&Renovation Pump; Mixer Spare Parts; PRODUCTS. Putzmeister Parts. Schwing Pump Parts. Seal kit for boom swing cylinder Ø 110, 087400005 234994005 Seal kit for outrigger hydraulic cylinder 650-80 63, 251411008 Previous 1